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"Manatee Memorial Hospital" Spring 2013

Aerial view of the "Manatee Memorial Hospital" and the surrounding area in East Bradenton, Florida.

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"Augusta", Maine - summer 2012

Aerial View of the State "Capitol Building" as well as the surrounding Augusta area, including the "Augusta State Airport".

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"Greenville" at "Moosehead Lake", Maine - summer 2012

Aerial view of the town of "Greenville" on "Moosehead Lake".

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"Portland Harbor"- Portland, Maine - spring 2012

Aerial view of the raised, "Million Dollar Bridge",  allowing a tanker ship to enter Portland Harbor.

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"Penobscot Narrows Bridge"

Aerial view of the "Penobscot Narrows Bridge" which spans the Penobscot River, connecting the Town of Prospect with Verona Island.

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Cianbro's Barge, the "Columbia Boston"  

Aerial view of Cianbro's Barge as it makes its way down the Penobscot River on 03-26-2009 passing beneath the "Penobscot Narrows Bridge" in Bucksport.

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"Southwest Harbor"

Aerial view of Southwest Harbor, Maine.

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Aerial view of "Seawall", in  Acadia National Park
in Southwest Harbor, Maine.



08-28-2007 Mt Katahdin from10,000  feet 107 - 4 x 6.jpg (163015 bytes) 
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   "Mt Katahdin"

   Aerial view of "Mt Katahdin" from 10,000 ft.
   Published in the April 2007 edition of Down 
   East Magazine!


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